The Elementals in Space

Lose yourself in another world  with Jane`s first astrology book for children 

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The Elementals


The Elementals or the "little people" are only visible to a few.  Are they visible to you?  

The first astrology book by Jane McKeogh, she has incorporated her extensive knowledge of  astrological  details into a wonderful tale of mythical stallions and the elementals.  

The elementals book is aimed at 6 - 12 year olds, however it is being enjoyed by all ages.

For the little ones


Let the elementals take you into their chatroom of Astrology in outer space.  

Learn about your zodiac sign and your friends´ and families´ personalities.  Discover your characteristics whilst flying to the Orbem spaceship on mythological stallions.  

Fly with your new little friends around space and back again.

For the bigger ones


Read with your children or let them discover the world of the elementals, astrology and space facts by themselves.  

Each one of the twelve chapters takes your child around different zodiac signs.  There, they will learn all about many personal characteristics, all told in a captivating and imaginative tale. 

The fascinating stories are coupled with the beautiful illustrations of Tonia Burnell Gomez.


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The Elementals was written with love, and a passion for Astrology.  We hope you love it as much as I loved writing it.  We would love to hear your feedback.