Jane McKeogh

As an author

 Jane´s desire to write the elementals, sprang from the arrival of her grandchildren, now 3 and 18 months old.  She wanted to provide a quick and simple way to pass on the messages of astrology, so children can find what their sun signs mean to them and how their astrology chart can help them understand their feelings and actions.  

It is also a brilliant way for parents and teachers to understand themselves and their children.

As an astrologer

 Jane became interested in astrology from a very young age, however it was only later that she was able to take a structured course and become a student with the Faculty of Astrological Studies, London.  This has allowed Jane to delve deeply into astrological studies of this ancient and well respected craft of planets, space, mythology and the magic it holds. 

As Jane

 Jane is a very proud mother of one daughter, and two grandchildren.  

She was born in Dublin and grew up on a farm surrounded by nature in Co. Meath.  

Her first experience with the Elementals, was when she was about five years old.


Jane giving an Astro talk at a London nursery school, entertaining 12 children and their teachers. Connecting space information, star constellations and astrology meanings, bringing them all together to show the children’s general characteristics and understandings. The teachers loved it too, such a great way to understand your pupils better.