A brief outline of the history of Astrology


The craft of Astrology has been studied for centuries by many different and ancient cultures and countries. 

There is evidence on cave walls, such as Moon cycles, which show recordings as early as 25,000 years ago.

Neolithic farmers connected the night constellations to the seasons.

Early Vedic astrology evidence shows planet tracking as early as second millennium B.C.

Chinese astrology is closely linked with their philosophy theory, of harmony within heaven-earth-water, as well as Moon and Sun calendars.

The Mayans and Aztecs refined their calendars and their findings are well understood and documented. There is also evidence that they studied the movement of several planets.

Ancient Egyptian learning was adopted by the Babylonians who made into a more scructured subject. Approximately 2000 BC Babylonian astrologers believed the Sun, Moon and the first five planets, which were then know, possessed certain powers. 

The Babylonians brought astrology to  Greece as early as the

 4th century B.C.

The word Zodiac, is derived from the Greeks, which means a

 circle of animals.

It was loved by the Romans and the Arabs who used it to predict weather for agricultural reasons. Following this success, kings and many leaders used it to predict natural disasters, wars and many other events.

Up to the 17th century astrology was considered a scholarly tradition, especially in political, medical and cultural circles. 

For more than 2,000 years astrology and astronomy were viewed as the same science, after which scientists undermined the astrological concepts.

In the 20th century popularity increased again through 

regular media horoscopes. 

Now there are many worldwide and greatly respected astrologers, schools and on line courses. 

A great increase in esteem and acknowledgment, for the planets influence and power has grown around the world, as many of us seek reasons and answers for our lives.

If it didn't work I believe this craft would have faded away a long time ago, yet this subject returns over and over to be learned, admired, accepted and approved by many.

This time, I thinks its welcome acceptance, is here to stay.

Personally this has been an extremely rewarding journey.

After five years of constant studying, I feel I have only just touched on the beginning of this absorbing, vast and even magical subject.